Our Company

In a world that is ever evolving and rapidly transforming, representation and relatability are essential. Statistics show that when children ages twelve and under read books with accurate representation and depiction of their own cultures, it contributes to higher levels of confidence and self esteem. 12 and Under publications is dedicated to creating literature that portrays relatable characters which allow young readers to better connect with themselves and those around them on deeper cultural, intellectual and emotional levels.

Born of a background rich in heritage and culture no one understands the importance of diversity better than our Founder Sasha Del Valle. Sasha is an accomplished actress, model, dancer, producer and writer. Her first children’s publication "I Know my Rights" is currently an Amazon #1 best seller with a sequel underway. “Different Yet All The Same” is yet another book that Sasha has collaborated on. It drives the lesson that although we may have differences, we are all the same in many ways.

Here at 12 and Under Publishing, we recognize the importance of educating and equipping our children with the intellectual arsenal needed in today’s society. We believe that our children are the worlds most precious resource. The positive changes that we wish to see in the future must begin with them. Therefore, 12 and Under Publishing is devoted to the improvement of relations between diverse ethnicities of children and families in Urban Areas.

It is no secret that music has always been a universal language. In an effort to draw young readers, we collaborate with notable and recognizable figures in the music and entertainment industries. Our aim is to that educate, engage and stimulate. We are here to inspire young minds that are filled with curiosity and wonder. This is our mission at 12 and Under.